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Why you should hire a hot tub rather than buy one

Should you hire a hot tub, rather than buy one?

With the growing hot tub phenomenon sweeping the UK, more and more of us are looking to hire a hot tub for a special event or occasion.

The world of inflatable hot tubs in the last decade, have made ‘bubbles at home’ considerably more accessible for UK families – but should you hire a hot tub, or buy one?

This article seeks to help you search for an answer.


  1. Hiring a hot tub vs buying a hot tub
  2. Hire a hot tub – the pros and cons
  3. Buying a hot tub – the pros and cons
  4. Questions to ask when you hire a hot tub
  5. Inflatable or Solid hot tub
  6. Inflatable Hot Tub Brands
  7. Solid Hot Tub Brands
  8. How much does it cost?
  9. The health benefits
  10. Conclusion

Hiring a hot tub vs buying a hot tub

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There are various factors to consider here, in the world of buying or renting a hot tub.

It is important to note that we are a hot tub hire company, but will try to remain unbiased. Incidentally, if you are within 30 miles of RH20 and want to hire a hot tub – please click here.

The most important element to be discussed, is the cost. When you buy a hot tub, it is yours – whether solid or inflatable (more on that later.) As well as the initial expense, you would normally need to purchase a gazebo to protect the hot tub and humans inside it from the elements, you have to take account of the running costs, and we’ll come onto that too.

If you have the budget, they can be a fantastic investment. Buying an inflatable hot tub means that it can be taken up and down with relative ease – whereas, when you hire one, it is highly likely that the company from which you hire will take care of that bit for you.

Let’s begin by weighing up the pros and cons of both arguments, to buy or to hire

Hire a hot tub – the pros and cons

Hire a hot tub - the pros and cons

There are pros and cons when you hire a hot tub. A lot of people like to hire a hot tub before they buy one (especially if it is inflatable) to see how they’ll get on with it. Here are the pros and cons as we see them:


Somebody will set it up for you

This sounds obvious, but if you were to buy one – you have to sit with the instruction manual and make sure you’re setting it all up correctly. It’s fair to say, they are relatively easy to set up, but there are other things to consider.

The optional extras

This can be the bit that really adds up, cost wise when you buy rather than hire a hot tub. You have to think about a weatherproof area – like a gazebo, and these can be expensive (if you’re avoiding the cheap ones on Amazon).

When we hire a hot tub to customers, we also provide gazebo lights, foam flooring, a Bluetooth speaker and a garment rail – and including the gazebo, this pushes the cost up by an additional £800-£1,000, on top of the cost of the hot tub itself.

The chemicals

These are an additional cost when you buy, whereas when you hire a hot tub – these are highly likely to be provided to you. The hire company will also have measured the correct level of chemicals to provide you with, meaning all you’ll have to do is simply add them to the water.

Cleaning away and storage

We can’t speak for every hire company, but when it comes to packing up and clearing away – we take care of everything. When customers hire a hot tub from us, we give them an option to drain the water to a place of their choosing and we do it quickly using an industrial pump.

Draining an inflatable hot tub using a hose pipe can take up to 8 hours.

The hire company will then clear away everything, pack it into their vehicle and drive away, leaving your garden completely clear after an hour or so.

Ongoing support

When you hire a hot tub, you will likely have ongoing support throughout your hire (you can check this before you book.)

This means that if something goes wrong or stops working, there will be somebody at the end of a phone to help you fix the issue.

The error codes on inflatable hot tubs can be tricky to decipher, but some companies provide a manual to help you with the most common issues.

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You have to give it back

When customers hire a hot tub from us, it’s always a sad moment when we have to turn up to collect it from them – usually because they’ve had the most wonderful time. Of course, if you choose to buy one it’s then yours forever.

It’s comparaitvely more expensive

Although it can offer excellent value for money when you hire a hot tub for a special occasion, it is worth pointing out that it is comparatively more expensive than buying one.

The company could let you down

You run the risk with any company, that you could be let down – either with notice, or at the last minute. That’s why we always recommend calling and speaking to a company before you book – or at the very least, getting a feel for the company on their website before you hire a hot tub.

Does the website look professional? Are there testimonials from customers? Do they have clear images/videos of the hire and what you can expect?

If you can put a tick in all of these boxes, a company that are prepared to go to this effort seem likely to know what they’re doing when you hire a hot tub from them.


You may have to cover the cost of repairs

Hire companies will usually ask you to sign a waiver making you completely responsible for the equipment when you hire. Provided that you are careful and look after the equipment, there is usually nothing to worry about.



Unless you hire with plenty of notice, there may be an availability issue, as hot tub hire seems to be a growing trend across the UK. Once you’ve planned your event, it is worth phoning around the companies you’ve shortlisted to see if they have availability for your hot tub hire.

Buying a hot tub – the pros and cons

Hire a hot tub - the pros and cons

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Questions to ask when hiring a hot tub

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  1. What level of public liability insurance do you have?

This is by far the most important question, in our opinion. Alarmingly, many companies trading as hot tub suppliers – don’t offer any public liability insurance for hot tub hire at all. This should be a pre-requisite before deciding on which company to hire from.

You are well within your rights to ask what level of cover they provide too. This can range between 1 million pounds and 10 million pounds.

Because our hot tub packages are for 4-6 adults, we think that 5 million pounds of cover offers an adequate amount of public liability protection.

You have a right to see this public liability policy and many companies may publish this information on their website. You can view ours here.

2. What comes with the hot tub hire?

Sometimes, hot tub hire, might appear as an ‘unbeatable deal’ in a Google or Facebook ad from a reputable hire company.

It’s important to have a good look at what is included in that price.

Is it just the hot tub that is included in the hire? Do you have to pay an additional cost for a gazebo? Are there any added extras? Do you have to pay VAT on top of the quoted price?

To make things really simple for our prospective customers, all of our packages include the same elements and we are completely transparent about this on our promotional video and our packages page.

We have also chosen for all of our hot tubs to be exactly the same, so it makes the choice really simple.

We state that, all of our hire packages include:

A hot tub suitable for 4-6 adults, a spacious and luxurious gazebo (3.5m x 3.5m), foam flooring, a floating Bluetooth speaker, solar-powered gazebo lights and a garment rail for towels, gowns and footwear.

For many companies, these are ‘optional extras’ so it’s important to give the company a call and find out what is included in the package.

You should also ask what deposit is necessary, or whether or not you will be expected to pay the entire booking amount at the time of booking.

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3. Is there a damage deposit payable?

This is quite common and is completely justifiable.

A hire company makes one of two choices. They either ask for a payment upfront to hold, in addition to the hire fee. A typical amount may be £100-£200 and will be held for the duration of the hire, returnable to you at the end – should there be no damage to the equipment.

Many hot tub hire companies also opt for a singable ‘terms and conditions of hire’ which puts the responsibility of the equipment with the hirer and even in the event of accidental damage, the customer is liable to pay the cost of a replacement should it get damaged.

At Horsham Hot Tub Hire, we opt for the latter, as we feel that the addition of a refundable deposit could potentially make the hire cost prohibitive for some people. We make sure that people are aware, as we leave their property – that they are completely responsible for the equipment – and there are very rarely any issues.

4. What access do you need?

This is more important than it sounds. If you’re hiring a solid hot tub, then there will be minimum access space required in order to get the hot tub into your house. You should certainly ask the hire company you’re using what this is, if it isn’t explicitly stated on their site or flyer.

Quite often, a hire company will insist on garden only access, meaning they are not prepared to walk through a property with their equipment.

There are good reasons for this. One of the main elements of any hot tub hire, is water and there may be some residue left from previous bookings – so garden access is not altogether an unreasonable request.

Personally, Horsham hot tub hire will be happy to enter via your house, but the customer will be warned that there may be some drops of water that spill and the items are very heavy – so the hirer takes full responsibility for any damage.

It is preferable and indeed many companies insist on garden access.

Requirements for Horsham Hot Tub Hire. Affordable hot tubs for every occasion
Hire with confidence. Free delivery, 4-6 adults, integrated LED lights, floating bluetooth speaker and foam flooring - all as standard.

5. What space is required?

This is important, especially if you’re hiring a gazebo. This information may well be available on the company website, but it is well worth checking.

We ask for 3.5m by 3.5m minimum – as this is the size of the gazebo we use.

We use larger gazebos because it provides space to move around the hot tub and gives an additional level of luxury and comfort – but many hire companies require much less space (2m x 2m or 2.5m x 2.5m)… and if a gazebo isn’t provided at all… it will be less space still.

6. Do you provide chemicals?

It is fair to say, that most hot tub hire companies do provide the chemicals you will need for the duration of your hire.

This will usually be chlorine, either in powder or tablet form and you, the hirer, will be responsible for adding it daily.

If you’re hiring for longer than a week, see whether the hire company will come out after a week and service the equipment and check it over for you?

At Horsham Hot Tub Hire, should a customer hire for longer than a week, we visit the property and empty the water, clean the equipment, service the hot tub and give a fresh set of filters. This, we believe, is fairly standard practise – so you may be pleasantly surprised that most companies do this when you speak to them.

7. What equipment do you bring with you?

This question sort of ties in with question two, ‘what comes with the hot tub hire?’

Most companies will bring with them all of their own equipment to use.

If you don’t have an outdoor tap or a hose that stretches to the site you wish your hot tub to be placed on, make sure you ask if the company are able to connect to your indoor tap or whether they have a hose that they could bring with them.

If you’re hiring a gazebo, make sure that you request how it is being secured, especially on a patio. Personally, our six legged gazebos are weighted down at all six anchor points using sand bags and we wouldn’t have it any other way, for health and safety reasons.

If you hire a hot tub on a patio area, or decking (be aware, some hire companies will advise against this because of the hot tub weight when filled) then it’s worth asking how your gazebo will be secured.

We tell our customers that in severe, adverse weather, we may come and take the gazebo down.

Hire a hot tub - what support is available to you

8. Do you provide support?

This is a really important question and one that many people forget to ask.

If you’re hiring a hot tub for a weekend (usually Thursday to Monday as the hot tub will take up to 24 hours to get to 40 degrees), what support will be in place should anything go wrong or if something stops working?

We tell our customers to call us at any time up until 9pm if there are any issues and most importantly, we DO answer the phone in this eventuality. Out of these hours, they can send a text.

If it is a large hire company, is there somebody who will answer the phone (or better still, somebody whom you can send a text message to) who will respond out-of-hours?

You will be able to get a really good impression of the company on the phone. Like any hire company, do they appear pleasant and polite to deal with? Ask yourself how you feel that person would respond if you text them at 9 o clock at night with an issue or a problem? If you get the impression that they are a company that would respond well – why not give them a try?

That’s why we’d always recommend calling them first, if you’re in any doubt.

9. What are your safety procedures?

You can ask the hire company if they provide a safety manual with their hire. This could have a clear list of safety instructions within it, or the company may have it listed on their website.

This is the manual that we provide customers with for the duration of their hire, to give you some idea of what to expect.

It gives the customer clear instructions as to how to use the equipment and gives them an indication of how they could deal with the most common errors that may occur.

Many companies choose to publish this information directly on their website, so you may be able to see it there.

10. Which brand, when you hire a hot tub?

Most people just want to know if the hot tub they are hiring is going to be large enough to fit their family or guests in – and that’s absolutely fair enough.

It’s always worth checking the company website or asking on the phone which brand of hot tubs they hire.

To be fair, the larger hire companies may have lots of different brands to choose from.

Other hire companies have inflatable (and solid hot tubs) in many different shapes and sizes, so it is well worth checking in this eventuality, which brand of hot tub you will be receiving – then you can research it yourself.

For ease, we hire the same brand of hot tub with every hire – same model too. We chose this method because then, if our hot tub is available on the given date – the customer will know exactly which hot tub to expect and all of the added extras too. 

Inflatable or solid hot tub?

Hot Tub during the day aerial view

Whether you hire or buy a hot tub, the first question has to be ‘inflatable or solid?’

The clear difference, in both circumstances, has to be cost.

When you hire a hot tub, it is significantly more expensive to hire a solid hot tub than an inflatable one. This is because of the man power required to set it up. More people to pay equates to higher fees.

Solid hot tubs are without question, more durable and usually more powerful too. 

One shouldn’t rule out an inflatable hot tub though and there are one or two specific reasons why.

Firstly, they’re more-or-less portable, which means that you can have them up in the garden for the Summer months and then pack them away during Winter.

If you maintain it properly and keep it clean, there is no reason why an inflatable tub can’t be kept up constantly too – provided that you look after it.

If you’re going to hire a hot tub, you should look at the differences in the cost and the access to your property before hiring.

Inflatable hot tub brands

Solid hot tub brands

How much does it cost?